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5% Nutrition Mentality 90 Caps Rich Piana 5%
  • 5% Nutrition Mentality 90 Caps Rich Piana 5%
  • 5% Nutrition Mentality 90 Caps Rich Piana 5%
  • 5% Nutrition Mentality 90 Caps Rich Piana 5%

5% Nutrition Mentality 90 Caps

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Rich Piana 5% Nutrition brings you a new breed of product for hyper focus, sustained energy and that next level mental edge. It's called Mentality and its like no other product out there!

The product name, Mentality couldn't be any more fitting. This ground breaking product is stacked with some of the most advanced ingredients to put you in the best mindset possible throughout the day. As one of the most versatile products in the industry, Mentality can be used by bodybuilders to students to business professionals. No matter what walk of life we fit into, having the right mentality and sustained energy throughout the day is vital whether you need to push through that last set or have your university project in by deadline!

The Mentality formula is broken down into 4 blends so lets take a closer look at some of the key ingredients from each one and see why Mentality has become such a versatile ground breaking product;

Mind Over Matter Mental Power Blend - This blend has been developed to enhance our ability to stay focused no matter what the obstacle is. Key ingredients such as N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Panax Ginseng Extract, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and Huperzine-A will act as 'brain feeders' and enhance things such as dopamine secretion for anti stress benefits and prevent cognitive decline to ensure mental focus is maintained no matter what is thrown at us!

Psychostim Adder-All-In Energy Burst - Staying focused is important but taking us to a level of concentration and focus which is beyond what we believed to be within our capabilities is something else and where this specific blend comes in! Containing several different forms of caffeine this 500mg blend will enhance dopamine, adrenaline and acetylcholine secretion as well as providing mental stimulation through its ability to sensitise neurons. The stimulant effect will have the brain ticking far more effectively especially with the addition of Yerba Mate and Theobromine to the blend too.

Lucid Focus Neurotransmission Blend - A collection of highly effective nootropics which will ensure the level of neurotransmission is optimal. Molecules known as neurotransmitters are released through a signalling process in which they aim to bind to receptors of other neurones. This 300mg blend which consists of the likes of Alpha GPC, Choline Bitartrate and DMAE will ensure this signalling process does not drop and you have no mental dip in performance as the day goes on

Cerebral Shock Cognitive Igniter Blend - A 45mg blend consisting of just 3 key ingredients. N-Methyl Tyramine HCL in particular works by stimulating the Beta 2 receptor. This will increase neurotransmitters in the body allowing you to think at a faster rate and react in a split second.

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