Trec Nutrition VIT. D3+K2 (MK-7) - 60CAPS

    VAT included

    Nutritional information

    Active ingredients

    in 1 capsule

    Wit. K2 

    75,00 ug (100%*)

    Wit. D3

    50,00 ug (1000%*)

    2000 IU



    Vit. D3 + K2 [MK-7] is a vitamin preparation dedicated specifically for athletes. It contains increased dose of Vitamin D (50.00ug) enriched with Vitamin K2.
    VIT. D3 + K2 [MK-7]. Food supplement. VIT. D supports the bone system, immune system and muscular. VIT. K system supports the bone.

    Vitamin D3 and K2 is the perfect combination.
    Vitamin D3 is responsible for the regulation of calcium and phosphorus in the body. At high comsumption of Vit D3 there is some risk of Calcium postponement in the soft tissues, for example in kidneys. When Vit D3 is taken together with Vitamin K2 in appropriate doses, this problem is eliminated. Vitamin K2 prevents Calcium deposition in unwanted areas and transports it directly to where we want it to be: teeth and bones. At the same time Vit K2 removes excess Calcium from the cardiovasular system and thus prevents its calcification.

    Important informations
    - The raw material comes from a laboratory in Switzerland.
    - The product is encapsulated in Poland.
    - The primary source of origin of our Vitamin D3 is lanolin, which is a much better source in terms of assimilation of the final form of D3, than those obtained by the fermentation of lichens, mosses and fungi. Unfortunately, the process of acquisition of lanolin is more expensive.
    - It contains the largest allowed by GIS in supplements D3 dose (50ug = 2000 iu). Of course, these doses, depending on the needs of the body or physical activity should be crossed.
    - Vitamin D3 dissolves in fats, and that's why our softgels are filled with MCT oil. This is much better than the dry forms of tablets, because D3 is already pre-dissolved in it. In addition, the tablets disintegrate in the stomach longer than softgel capsules.
    - Vitamin D3 must necessarily be administered with vitamin K2 (MK7), which acts in synergy with D3, eliminating the possible toxicity at high doses, regulates the calcium level in the body and an prevent heart disease and cancer.
    - Our K2 is of natural origin - extract of natto - which is the best MK-7 version.

    Recommended for?
    - athletes
    - obese people - much higher need of vitamin D, which is accumulated in adipose tissue
    - elders - Vitamin D synthesis level is reduced with age
    - individuals using steroid drugs, which reduce Vit D levels
    - individuals on diet which is deficient in fatty fish and egg yolks
    - people living in those regions of the Earth, which are deficient in sunlight (deficiency amount of UV-B 290 to 315)
    - individuals who tend to use creams and balms with sunscreen, which blocks UV rays

    - it has a positive effect on the immune system and reduce the number of infections
    - reduces chronic fatigue syndrome
    - reduces the risk of obesity
    - reduces the risk of skin diseases
    - reduces the risk of diseases debilitating condition of bones and teeth
    - increases muscle strength
    - reduces the risk of cardiovascular and immune system diseases, diabetes

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