DICED 60 CAPS The Warrior Project
    • DICED 60 CAPS The Warrior Project

    The Warrior Project, DICED 60 CAPS

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    Wage war on fat with TWP Diced, the ultimate thermogenic that will really fire up your metabolism and get you on the fast track to a super shredded physique. This highly concentrated thermogenic supplement can aid your weight loss efforts by increasing your metabolic rate and mental focus whilst decreasing your appetite and fatigue to set you up for shredding success.

    TWP Diced contains a selection of plant based extracts including bitter orange, green tea and cayenne pepper proven to enhance your metabolism and energize your workouts. This fat-blitzing blend is naturally high antioxidant molecules to support you from the inside out and can also help to supress your appetite so dieting doesn't drag you down.

    But beware! Fat burners like TWP Diced are only effective if you're training hard, training often and eating right – you've got to be putting in the work for yourself first. Are you ready to go to war?

    • Fat Obliterating – Each dose of TWP Diced contains 115mg caffeine, 100mg bitter orange extract, 40mg green tea extract plus 40mg cayenne pepper extract proven to enhance your metabolism and energize your workouts.
    • Heart Health – Cayenne pepper extract and green tea extract contain naturally occurring chemicals that act as powerful antioxidants to support your cardiovascular health, immune system and nutrient uptake.
    • Appetite Control – Caffeine acts to supress your appetite between meals and keep that infamous "hanger" at bay so you can keep your diet on track and be less likely to cheat.

    Who is TWP Diced Fat Burner For?

    Alongside a suitable fat loss training and nutrition plan, TWP is perfect to add to any athlete's shredding stack. Due to its high caffeine content, TWP is not suitable for children under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing women. If you have any existing medical condition or are currently taking prescribed medication please consult your doctor prior to supplementation. Please note that TWP Diced capsules contain gelatin.

    When to Use TWP Diced Fat Burner?

    Take TWP t Diced capsules as directed on the packaging. Due to its highly concentrated caffeine formula, do not take more than exceed the maximum recommended dose and do not take too soon before bed.

    Who Are TWP?

    TWP is a hardcore supplement brand from Dan "Warrior " Singh with a range of EFFECIVE supEFFECTIVE to help you shred fat, add lean mass and BEAST through your training

    1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2,6-dione (Caffeine)115mg
    Bitter Orange100mg
    AMP Citrate75mg
    Green Tea Extract 4:150mg

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