Black Widow 300g Spider Labz
    • Black Widow 300g Spider Labz

    Spider Labz, Black Widow 300g

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    Spider Labz creates Black Widow, a pre-workout product based on the power of spiders created for people who want to reach their maximum levels of performance during each workout.

    When it comes to catching your prey, paralyzing it and injecting the lethal poison, the Black Widow performance begins.

    Black Widow increases your focus, your performance and your results, is filled with a correct and perfect combination of scientifically proven ingredients to ensure your lethal attack.

    What is Black Widow?

    Black Widow is a perfectly combined stimulant supplement that is used 20 to 30 minutes before your workout. It has been loaded with several high-octane ingredients that are offered and that provide a lot of benefits of physical conditioning, which include greater energy, greater force production, maximum concentration and better focus, making it ideal for any workout.

    With Black Widow we look for an ideal combination, to train correctly, in an optimal and perfect state. Black Widow is focused on the target to your prey, we do not look for a state of permanent nerves, we have optimized and regulated this state with the combination of several ingredients, whose result makes it perfect!

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