Mental Trigger - 60 Caps Redcon1
    • Mental Trigger - 60 Caps Redcon1

    Redcon1 Mental Trigger - 60 Caps

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    Mental Trigger is designed to improve a host of cognitive features including concentration, memory, mood, energy and even creativity. It does this by using nutrients shown to deliver all of the above and which moreover each works in a specific way, either acting as a stimulant, a mood booster, improving circulation or enhancing choline levels. By using Mental Trigger you can give your brain the leg up needed to deliver optimal neural performance.


    Mental Trigger is designed for daily use anytime you need a boost in your overall mental performance.


    Mental Trigger is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their cognitive performance although if you consume a lot of stimulants be aware this contains two stimulants as well.

    Improve Your Focus and Creativity

    Nootropics products are all the rage these days with media attention on busy executives and students seeking an edge over the competition often portraying these products as though they were steroids for the brain. In truth, nootropics vary widely in both how well they work and the mechanisms they target, based on the specific nutrients they include.

    Caffeine and Theacrine for Energy

    Mental Trigger chooses to deploy the stimulants caffeine and theacrine in its formula which straight away is different from many nootropics which eschew stimulants entirely. Fortunately, there is a lot of research on caffeine in particular showcasing its ability to boost mental and physical performance. Heavy coffee drinkers should note that the dose in Mental Trigger is equivalent to a couple of strong black coffees.

    Alpha GPC - The Focus Boosting Choline Booster

    The Mental Trigger formula also contains Alpha GPC, a widely used and effective focus enhancer which is a cholinergic nutrient that unlike choline supplements themselves, has been shown to boost brain concentrations of choline. Choline itself is cognitive enhancing so by increasing choline levels using Alpha GPC, Mental Trigger provides you an excellent way to boost choline, a key nutrient which not only improves cognitive ability but can even boost gym performance.

    Hesperidin - Circulatory Health

    Next up, Redcon1 have chosen to include the ingredient hesperidin. A natural constituent of orange peels, hesperidin is classed as a flavonoid and it has been shown in research to improve circulation in the body, being better able to deliver this than the better known ginkgo biloba. Aside from the positive effects that improved circulation can have on brain function, it can also improve your blood pressure.

    Mucuna Pruriens - GH Elevator

    Mucuna Pruriens is an interesting inclusion as you find it is predominantly used in supplements which target increases in growth hormone or improved body composition thanks to it being known as a source for l-dopa. Indeed, mucuna supplementation has also been shown in research to enhance testosterone slightly as well as boost fertility. However, the key research finding which supports its inclusion in Mental Trigger is the fact that this ingredient has been shown to improve mood and have a neuroprotective effect with at least three separate studies showing it can improve symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

    BioPerine® - The Nutrient Enhancer

    Lastly, Mental Trigger contains BioPerine®, an ingredient derived from black pepper which you will find in many supplements regardless of the function for the simple reason that BioPerine® has been shown to enhance the effects of other ingredients which means that in the context of Mental Trigger, while it will not directly have an impact, it can indirectly by boosting the effects of the other ingredients.


    RedCon1 Mental Trigger 60 Capsules
    Serving Size: 2 Capsules
    Servings Per Container: 30
     Amount Per Serving%DV**
    Caffeine Anhydrous250mg*
    Hesperdin 92% (Citrus Sinesis [peel])100mg*
    Teacrine (Theacrine)50mg*
    Mucuna GPC (60% L-Dopa)35mg*
    Alpha GPC (90%)30mg*
    BioPerine Black Pepper Fruit Extract5mg*
    *Daily Value Not Established  
    Other ingredients: Natural adn Artifical Flavours, Acesulfame-K, Silicon |Dioxide

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