Fitness Belt STRONGLIFT Power System
    • Fitness Belt STRONGLIFT Power System

    Power System, Fitness Belt STRONGLIFT

    VAT included
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    • Red
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    • Double line stitching for durability
    • Havy lever buckle for strong tight
    • This heavy lever buckle leather lifting belt is made with advanced materials for a soft and comfortable feel. with advanced  rivets to prevent popping. 
    • Stabilizes and reduces stress on your back - 10mm thickness for better lumber and core support for serious powerlifting. 
    • A stronger core, means more efficient your force transfer, which means you will lift more weights. 
    • Increases abdominal pressure for heavy lifts - easily adjust with the stainless-steel rust-proof buckle system. 
    • This weight-lifting belt is unmatched and unpretentious leather material flawlessly aids in squats, powerlifting, deadlifts, clean and jerks, snatch, bodybuilding, crossfit and more. the resiliency of the material helps you in tough workout and preparations.
    Power System

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