Chalk Block 56g Power System
    • Chalk Block 56g Power System

    Power System, Chalk Block 56g

    VAT included
    • 100% MAGNESIUM CARBONATE QUALITY AND MOISTURE CHALK - Great for Crossfit workouts, often used in Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting for bar control or any kind of sports with reduced friction, 
    • This is the real deal Magnesium Carbonate used by Professionals everywhere, Keeps palms sweat-free and prevents slipping 
    • The workout and training chalk trusted by thousands of athletes - Made from the purest white Magnesium Carbonate .Whether your exercises are pull ups or barbells, our chalk blocks rise to the challenge. Great grip for bar work, kettlebell, exercise balls, wall balls, jump ropes, weights, dumbbells, climbing rope, tire flips, hammer swings, atlas stones and even more!
    Power System
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