Whey Protein Complex 100% Limited Edition Dragon Ball 700g Olimp
    • Whey Protein Complex 100% Limited Edition Dragon Ball 700g Olimp

    Olimp, Whey Protein Complex 100% Limited Edition Dragon Ball 700g

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    What is Whey Protein Complex 100%?
    Whey Protein Complex is a dietary supplement whose composition is a mixture of complete proteins. The raw material used is characterised by a high degree of purity, and the conditions and technology used in the production of the preparation have made it possible to obtain a high-quality product, with original flavours. The Olimp Sport Nutrition protein complex has long been one of the leaders among protein supplements in this category, which is determined by a relatively low price for the afforded quality and ingredients which will enable you to achieve the desired effect!

    The composition of Whey Protein Complex 100%
    Many people practising sports struggle with the eternal problem of choosing the right protein fraction, which will prove to be more effective with the current diet, workout plan, and the goal to be achieved. Discussions and disputes have been going on for a long time - which is the better solution - isolate or concentrate?

    Although each faction is obtained from the same source, which is whey, differences in properties are apparent. Isolates, unlike concentrates, are characterised by faster absorption, a relatively higher protein content in the protein itself, and an often more-complex aminogram. In the case of concentrate-based supplements, their composition is characterised by the addition of sugars and fats, which explains the more-intense and sweeter taste of the product. The preparations themselves are more slowly available, but also cheaper. That is why WPC is more likely to be chosen by young people and beginners.

    If you decide to buy Whey Protein Complex 100%, you will forget about this problem! Olimp have taken care of people practising sports and prepared a sensational mixture of both mentioned factions! The diversified kinetics of digestion and the absorption of the nutrients contained will facilitate energy release at different levels - the isolate will quickly replenish losses a short time after workout, while the concentrate at a slightly slower rate will continuously compensate for possible deficiencies, and alleviate the consequences of intense physical activity.

    How does Whey Protein Complex 100% work?
    Each portion of the protein supplement is not only a simple and convenient way to supplement a daily diet with the necessary amount of proteins. Protein molecules are made up of amino acids, compounds naturally produced in your body, but in insufficient quantities to obtain the desired proteogenic effect. Moreover, some amino acids must be supplied from external sources, such as the BCAA complex. This is due to the fact that your system is not able to synthesise them on its own. For this purpose we can use some dietary supplements, such as Whey Protein Complex 100%.

    The Olimp protein has a really high content of amino acids. As a result, each dose of the described protein supplement not only supplements the diet, but also intensifies the production processes of new protein molecules. This, in turn, leads to the gradual building of lean muscle mass, which makes it possible to acquire a slim and aesthetic body.

    Why buy the Whey Protein Complex 100% protein supplement?

    It supplies large quantities of amino acids and proteins
    Protein contributes to muscle growth and maintenance
    It is an ideal variety of a diet and an additive to some meals
    It is a convenient way to quickly supplement a diet with the necessary amount of proteins
    Whey Protein Complex 100% - opinions
    The Olimp protein supplement is a preparation recommended primarily for enthusiasts of physical activity and healthy eating. The manufacturer recommends that the protein supplement be only used as an additive to your diet and a possible supplement to your daily energy balance. Due to the low number of calories, low sugar and fat content, Whey Protein Complex 100% can be used both to build up current body weight and as support in the process of fat reduction. In both cases the supplement will be very helpful for your muscles.

    The dosage of Whey Protein Complex 100%
    Whey Protein Complex 100% should be taken 1 to 3 times a day, and each portion should be dissolved in about 150 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. The Olimp Sport protein supplement can be used every day - after waking up, between meals, after a workout, or before bedtime.

    Supplement facts:
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop (35g)
    Serving Per Container: 20

    Amount Per Serving:
    Energy 566kJ / 134kcal
    Fat 1.5g
    of which saturated 0.2g
    Carbohydrate 3.9g
    of which sugars 1.4g
    Protein 26g
    Salt 0.3g

    Whey Protein Complex 100% Other Ingredients:
    95% protein-mix (ultrafiltrated whey protein concentrate WPC (from milk), whey protein isolate WPI - CFM (from milk)), aromas, medium-chain triglycerides oil (MCT oil), fructose, acidity regulators - malic acid, citric acid (for all strawberry like flavours), acidity regulators - sodium citrates; thickeners - gum arabic, xanthan gum, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose; sweeteners - acesulfame K, sucralose, cyclamates; emulsifier - soy lecithin; salt (for all chocolate like flavours), colours: carmine (for all: strawberry, cherry, strawberry-kiwi and banana-cherry like flavours), E 150c (for all: cookies cream, toffee, chocolate, coffee, ice coffee, hazelnut, tiramisu and cappuccino like flavours), riboflavin, E 133 (for all pistachio like flavours).

    Whey Protein Complex 100% Recommended Use:
    Add 1 portion (35g = 1 scoop) to 150 ml. of water. Consume directly after preparation. Take 1-3 portions a day - before breakfast, between meals, after training or before sleep.

    Not suitable for diabetics. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

    Additional description

    The OLIMP Whey Protein Complex is a great protein powder to help you meet your daily protein consumption goals. In order to increase muscle mass, you have to train hard, but also have the proper nutrition to stimulate new muscle growth. As a result of taking this highly effective, concentrated protein powder, you can keep up with the needs of muscle building after intense training sessions. This whey protein is great for athletes who play sports, and want to get the maximum results from their long training sessions. OLIMP Whey Protein Complex also gives you the fuel you need to improve your strength and endurance, giving you a great advantage over the competition.

    Whey protein is an effective food source, but is a very cost efficient product as well. This whey protein is a great way to supplement your protein requirements and give your body the protein and building blocks that it needs in order to make serious muscle gains. As an amazing source of food protein that is essential for growth and muscle mass maintenance, whey protein is great for both athletes and body builders alike. All gym goers can benefit from the supplementing of whey protein. Studies show that the consumption of whey protein can not only aid in muscle gain and muscle maintenance, but also assist in fat loss as well. It is a great, easy, and cheap way to meet your fitness goals. This protein tastes great and is an effective source of quality protein.


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