Anabolic Amino 5500, Mega Caps - 400 caps Olimp
    • Anabolic Amino 5500, Mega Caps - 400 caps Olimp

    Olimp Anabolic Amino 5500, Mega Caps - 400 caps

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    Food supplement with Vitamin B6, peptides and free amino acids in hard gelatin capsules. ANABOLIC AMINO 5500 MC® contains peptide and free amino acids complex, which is essential in protein synthesis in muscular tissues. This product contains additional amount of branched chain amino acids (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine) and taurine, compared to the normal amino acids list from the natural human protein aminogram. Branched chain amino acids count ca. 35 % of muscular tissue. Thus, their restoration is essential for proper maintaining of nitrogen balance in the human body. Vitamin B6 is needed in protein, fat, and carbohydrates metabolic transition processes. This product is intended for athletes working on development of mass and muscular strength. OLIMP ANABOLIC AMINO 5500 MC® is designed for sportsmen, who strive for development of muscular mass and require increased demand of energy.

    Nutrition information of Anabolic Amino 5500 Mega Caps

    Ingredients6 caps12 caps18 caps100 g
    energy value90kJ/ 22 kcal180kJ/ 44kcal271kJ/ 65kcal1296kJ/ 310kcal
    fat< 0,5 g< 0,5 g< 0,5 g< 0,5 g
    of which saturates< 0,1 g< 0,1 g< 0,1 g0,2 g
    carbohydrates0 g0 g0 g0 g
    of which sugar0 g0 g0 g0 g
    protein5,3 g11 g16 g77 g
    salt0,04 g0,09 g0,13 g0,63 g
    vitamin B60,7 mg (50%*)1,4 mg (100%*)2 mg (143%*)10 mg (714%*)
    taurine154 mg308 mg462 mg2213 mg
    Amino acid profile:5500 mg11000 mg16500 mg 
    L-glutamic acid694 mg11388 mg2082 mg 
    *L-leucine946 mg1892 mg2838 mg 
    L-aspartic acid484 mg968 mg1452 mg 
    *L-lysine424 mg848 mg1272 mg 
    L-proline232 mg464 mg696 mg 
    *L-valine460 mg920 mg1380 mg 
    *L-isoleucine454 mg908 mg1362 mg 
    *L-threonine244 mg488 mg723 mg 
    L-alanine238 mg476 mg714 mg 
    L-serine184 mg368 mg552 mg 
    *L-phenylalanine160 mg320 mg480 mg 
    L-tyrosine160 mg320 mg480 mg 
    L-arginine136 mg272 mg408 mg 
    L-glycine88 mg176 mg264 mg 
    *L-methionine124 mg248 mg372 mg 
    *L-histidine88 mg176 mg264 mg 
    *L-cysteine142 mg284 mg426 mg 
    *L-tryptophan88 mg176 mg264 mg 
    * Esencialne aminokisline.
    ** RDA – Preporučen dnevni unos.

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