Vitamin D-3 & K-2 1000iu - 120vcaps NOW Foods
    • Vitamin D-3 & K-2 1000iu - 120vcaps NOW Foods

    Now Foods, Vitamin D-3 & K-2 1000iu - 120vcaps

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    Now Foods Vitamin D-3 and K-2 1000 IU - 120 Vegetarian Capsules

    Free Yourself from Vitamin D3 & K2 Deficiency for Better Health
    Many vitamins play an important role in keeping your body in peak condition. Vitamins D3 and K2 work together to boost the wellness of your teeth, bones, heart, and circulatory system, but they’re often overlooked. NOW Foods Vitamin D3 & K2 Vegetarian Capsules help to correct this, providing 25 mcg of D3 as cholecalciferol and 45 mcg of K2. This provides a solid dose of high quality nutrients to help maintain both bone health and cardiovascular condition in adults. These vitamins are offered in a highly absorbable form so your body won’t have any trouble accessing them. Delivered in capsules, they break down easily in the stomach and will get into your metabolism fast, with little chance of just getting passed by your digestive system. 

    Your Bones with Thank You for a Strengthening Dose of K2
    Vitamin K2 is the kind of vitamin K that your body can use most easily, and usually comes from specific fermented foods. NOW Foods D3 & K2 Vegetarian Capsules offer up this rare, health-boosting vitamin in a good dose to help support your bones. K2 ensures that calcium, magnesium, and other minerals bind correctly into the bones to strengthen them, rather than calcifying in soft tissues. Vitamin K2 is useful not only in stopping the progress of osteoporosis but also reversing it, helping to increase bone density to the point where fractures become far less likely. 

    Worried about Calcification? K2 Lets You Relax and Enjoy the Benefits
    Other vital functions related to K2 involve the heart. When you take NOW Foods D3 & K2 Vegetarian Capsules, you’re no longer among the approximately 50% of American adults who have a vitamin K2 deficiency. K2 – along with magnesium and vitamin D3 – move calcium out of the veins or heart, where it can cause problems, and to the bones where it needs to crystallize and be deposited. This process aids greatly not just in reinforcing your bones, but in maintaining a clean bill of health when it comes to cardiovascular well-being. 

    Ensure Proper Calcium Transport with Plenty of Vitamin D3
    The vitamin K2 in NOW Foods D3 & K2 Vegetarian Capsules is paired up with vitamin D3. This vitamin assists vitamin K2 in performing its health functions, including getting calcium to the bones where it’s needed rather than in areas of the body where it isn’t. Besides its positive effects on calcium transport, this vitamin may also provide a major boost to your immune system’s ability to defend your body against infectious germs. It’s an especially crucial supplement in the winter months when short days and frequent clouds mean people get even less of the “sunshine vitamin” than in summer. 

    Mental Clarity, Better Immunity, and Glucose Regulation
    The dosage of D3 in NOW Foods D3 & K2 Vegetarian Capsules is 250% of DV, giving your body other possible boosts, too. Since it’s an immune system regulator, it may be able to help alleviate some autoimmune symptoms, according to certain studies. It also improves brain health and cognition, especially in elderly people, giving you an edge in staying alert and positive. It’s also thought to have beneficial effects on the modulation of insulin, while helping your body to process glucose properly rather than letting it build up in the blood. 

    Formulated for Today’s Healthy Supplement Standards
    NOW Foods D3 & K2 Vegetarian Capsules are made to be usable by people with a variety of dietary restrictions. The capsules are made out of cellulose, with rice flour filler, so this supplement is vegetarian. It is fully certified as both halal and kosher. All ingredients are non-GMO verified, and additionally are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and contain no soy. Whether you avoid certain foods due to beliefs or allergies, NOW has you covered. 

    Now Foods Vitamin D-3 and K-2 combines two nutrients extensively researched for their benefits for the bones, teeth and cardiovascular system. Now Foods Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption and calcium transport to bones. Recent studies indicate that Now Foods Vitamin D3 may support healthy insulin action and glucose metabolism and may have a positive impact on immune function. Now Foods Vitamin K2, likewise is beneficial in the areas of bone and cardiovascular health. Now Foods Vitamin K is critical for the formation of healthy strong bone matrix. Bone quality is dependent on the presence of adequate Vitamin K. Vitamin K's role in arterial health revolves around its ability to support proper calcium metabolism in vascular structures. Now Foods Vitamin K2 is the most biologically active form of Vitamin K.

    • 1,000 IU / 45 mcg
    • Supports Bone Health
    • Plus Cardiovascular Support 

    NOW's Mission
    The NOW mission is - To provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. NOW Foods is an award-winning and highly respected manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and natural foods.

    In 1948, with the natural food and supplement industry in its infancy, entrepreneur Paul Richard paid $900 for the purchase of Fearn Soya Foods—a Chicago based manufacturer of grain and legume-based products. This began a six-decade legacy of providing health-seeking consumers with high-quality, affordable nutrition products.

    History of NOW
    In 1968, NOW Foods was founded under the belief that good health was not a luxury available only to the wealthy. For the past forty years, NOW has made it their life's work to offer health food and nutritional supplements of the highest quality, at prices that are fair and affordable to all those who seek them. Today, NOW Foods is one of the top-selling brands in health foods stores, an award-winning manufacturer, a respected advocate of the natural product industry, and a leader in the fields of nutritional science and methods development. And while NOW has grown considerably over the past four decades, one thing has never changed – NOW's commitment to providing products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.

    NOW Commitments

    • Customer Focused and Information Driven - NOW believes that their products, services, and the decisions they make should be primarily influenced by the desires and needs of NOW customers. The decisions that NOW makes should be based on accurate information and therefore NOW places a high value on knowledge and learning within their organization.
    • Quality and Value Oriented - Acting in the best interest of NOW customers, NOW endeavors to produce the highest quality products at competitive prices. NOW's first priority is to maintain quality where it counts the most – in the products. NOW's exceptional cost-conscious team of employees then focuses their energies on driving costs down. Nurturing this competency of value drives NOW's ability to provide high quality products at the very best prices.
    • Natural is Better - NOW is convinced that natural products are better than their synthetic counterparts and produce better results in human health. Therefore, wherever possible, NOW strives to provide products that contain natural ingredients because they are better for their customers. 

    NOW Science
    NOW's experienced professional and technical staff formulates their products to be of the highest quality. NOW has a group of biochemists, chemists, nutritionists, and food technologists who review current science and nutritional parameters, and formulate our products to be effective for the intended use. NOW's structure/function claims are based on science for active ingredients, and on nutritional science for nutritional content. Serving sizes are based on doses from clinical stud:" ":and laboratory studies. The heart of NOW science is third party independent research. NOW investigates and review clinical studies and other lab studies conducted on their ingredients and their formulas. Best science is used to support best formulations which lead to best quality. NOW products are constantly being tested in clinical trials conducted at top universities and research centers around the country and in various parts of the world. NOW products are being tested to determine such things as effectiveness for joint support, quality of life for cancer patients, cardiovascular support, and athletic endurance. Effective products mean health and wellness benefits, which mean quality.

    GMP Quality Assured
    NOW’s GMP certification covers standard operating procedures, employee training, product specifications, expiration dating, vendor certifications and much more. Standard operating procedures include sampling and testing incoming materials according to NOW Foods specifications, inspecting manufacturing processes, and testing finished products to specifications. Tests include organoleptic evaluation (human senses such as sight, taste, smell), physical testing of tablets and capsules, chemical identity of ingredients, potency and contamination testing by the company’s in-house state-of-the-art analytical testing lab, as well as microbiological testing by NOW Foods’ in-house rapid analysis microbiological lab.

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