Milk Thistle 120 Caps
    • Milk Thistle 120 Caps

    Natural Nutrients, Milk Thistle 120 Caps

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    Milk Thistle is a natural herbal remedy that contains a powerful antioxidant called Silymarin. It's been used for many years as a treatment for liver conditions which are often be caused by a poor diet, medication or misusage of drugs or alcohol.

    Silymarin's antioxidant properties can also help reduce inflammation within the body, and offer protection from toxins by reducing the impact toxins have on key organs.

    Our potent Milk Thistle supplement delivers 400mg of total Milk Thistle Extract per serving, with 320mg coming from Silymarin. 

    Active IngredientsPer Serving (2 Capsules)%NRV
    Milk Thistle Extract400mg*
       of which Silymarin320mg*

    NRV =  Nutritional Reference Value. *NRV not established

    Non-Active Ingredients:

    Rice Bran, Rice Concentrate


    Take 2 capsules per day with food. 

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