Skywalk, Candy Bomb - 36 Servings MYOBLOX
    • Skywalk, Candy Bomb - 36 Servings MYOBLOX

    Myoblox, Skywalk, Candy Bomb - 36 Servings

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    What is MyoBlox Skywalk?
    Skywalk is at ultra-premium focus powder on the market containing nine highly novel compounds each dosed in their most effective amounts to serve as the lifeblood of mental drive for the individual constantly on the grind. This formula works on many different aspects towards brain optimization, such as the synthesis of powerful neurotransmitters, neuro-protectant properties, which in turn fight against mental degeneration, and increase the efficiency of communications between the brain cells.

    What is in Skywalk that makes it so good?
    The formula for MyoBlox Skywalk is where things start to get quite interesting. Squeezed into the product’s maximum serving of two scoops are the transparent ingredients tyrosine at 3g and alpha-GPC (50%) at 800mg. Both of those are pretty hefty doses, more than what we’ve seen in a lot of the nootropic supplements we currently sell.

    As big as the two features above are, there is a lot more to the Skywalk formula. Also in the mix is a 870mg blend of RealCaf natural caffeine (200mg), theanine, Hordenine HCI, Noopept, Blox micro peptides, and Nivadren.

    What are the key benefits of MyoBlox Skywalk
    Skywalk from MyoBlox promises all the benefits you could want from a focus enhancing nootropic supplement.

    Smooth energy / No Crash
    Increase euphoric mood
    Boost mental drive
    Support focus & memory


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