Nos Bomb 30 Serving Muscle Rage
    • Nos Bomb 30 Serving Muscle Rage
    • Nos Bomb 30 Serving Muscle Rage

    Muscle Rage, Nos Bomb 30 Serving

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    Nos Bomb demands the best from you by expanding blood vessels, pushing nutrients into the muscle for greater recovery and muscle performance. 

    Nos Bomb will also deliver the greatest pumps you have ever experienced (use on leg day at your own risk) from a pre workout, every session. You’ll notice these effects in just minuets and your muscle fullness will last far after your session.

    This is thanks to the optimally dosed formula that isn’t hidden behind a proprietary blend that includes:

    Citrulline Malate – 6g.  Citrulline Malate is one of if not most recognised pump ingredient on the market due to concrete data and real world evidence backing it’s effectiveness. It does this by greatly improving the intracellular nitric oxide production. But this only reaches optimum levels at 6g before your workout, which is why we chose to deliver the full dosage in Nos Bomb. Citrulline also helps push back muscular fatigue during your workout. 

    Betaine – 2.5g. Betaine has been proven to boost strength by 25% and muscle power by 20% in clinical trials against the placebo group. Since then more studies have come out backing betaine for it’s abilities to fight muscular fatigue allowing athletes and gym goers alike to train harder. 

    HydroMax – 1.5g. HydroMax is a trademarked ingredient by Glanbia Nutritionals which is the most concentrated and pure glycerol on the market (65% glycerol and 35% silica by weight). HydroMax taken before a workout can prevent muscular dehydration, improve performance and increase muscular contractions. 

    L-Norvaline – 200mg. Your body has an automatic shut down for nitric oxide production called arginine. Luckily L-Norvaline inhibits arginine activity meaning you can have bigger, stronger pumps that last longer. Studies have shown that L-Norvaline can improve NO levels by up 60%.

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