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    What is Serum Code Intra?
    This is a highly dosed intra workout that has been created to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (that's what is going to help you build muscle). It has used innovative ingredients that studies have shown not only boost absorption but also doubles muscle protein synthesis (MPS). This is truly an innovative intra sports supplement.

    What ingredients are in this intra workout that makes it so good?
    Biohack Pharmaceuticals have based their ingredient profile on proven stimulators of muscle protein synthesis and performance enhancers.

    Muscle protein synthesis boosting ingredients
    Protein and leucine
    They have added 6.25g of whey protein hydrolysate combined with 5g of leucine to give the equivalent MPS as 25g of whey protein. That in itself is great but its the next two ingredients that ramp this intra up.

    Biohack has added 50mg of Astragin which will increase the absorption of the 5g of leucine by up to 58% while also increasing the absorption of other ingredients.

    2g of Velositol has been shown in studies to double muscle protein synthesis when combined with 6g protein. This is literally doubling the effectiveness of the whey hydrolysate.

    Performance-boosting ingredients
    CSN are big believers in Peak02. At just 1g per day, a study found the below improvements in performance when taking it consistently for 28 days.

    Significant improvement (4.2%) in time to fatigue from pre-to-post (+22.6 sec)
    Significant 3.3% improvement in Economy VO2 (this is the VO2 during a sub-max 5-minute steady state cycle). (23.04 ± 3.0 ml/kg/min-1) to post (22.3 ± 3.0 ml/kg/min-1)
    Significant improvement in HR Recovery from pre-to mid (reduction of 4.2 bpm)
    Biohack Pharmaceuticals has added 2g! Please note this is based on consistent use and build up of the ingredient.

    Another innovative ingredient that has been designed to let you perform at your highest level. It has not only shown to increase VO2 max by 20% but also speeds up the rate of glycogen replenishment by a massive 370%.

    2g of taurine will simply increase performance after taking one single dose. It is a proven ingredient that is featured in many many supplements.

    L-Alanyl L-Glutamine
    This is simply a more bioavailable form of glutamine which will help recovery and promote muscular growth

    Coconut Water Powder
    This is an excellent source of the key electrolytes, Potassium and Magnesium, which contribute to normal muscle function and to electrolyte balance. ... This makes it the perfect natural hydration drink to support electrolyte balance.

    • What are the key benefits of Serum Code Intra
    • Highly dosed
    • Designed to improve performance
    • Designed to greatly increase MPS
    • Innovative ingredients


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