Whey Grand - 2000g Beltor
    • Whey Grand - 2000g Beltor

    Beltor, Whey Grand - 2000g

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    WHEY GRAND is a product that should form the basis of a true athlete's supplementation. With this nutritious protein shake, after-traning regeneration will occur as it should: quickly and efficiently. The combination of whey protein concentrate - a form, which is trusted by millions of people around the world - and the isolate, which is rapidly absorbing form of protein, ensures noticeable results. WHEY GRAND, consumed after workout, quickly provides our body with amino acids necessary for the regeneration process, while consumed during the day it will greatly increase the amount of protein ingested and assimilated by the body. 


    330kcal per 100g
    82,80g of Proteins
    0,30g of Fats
    8,30g of Carbs
      in which 2g of sugars
    0,45g of Sodium
    95,20g of WPC + WPI Matrix

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