Project AD Shredabull Untamed - 50 Caps Anabolic Designs
    • Project AD Shredabull Untamed - 50 Caps Anabolic Designs

    Project AD Shredabull Untamed - 50 Caps

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    ShredaBull – is an advanced multi-pathway blend of ingredients that attacks your fat stores. It is made up of six synergistic matrices that will incinerate fat stores in a multitude of ways. Fat is one of substances we like to get rid of when wanting to have that leaner, toned look and ShredaBull will do this for you without the feeling of over stimulation.

    The synergistic blend will:

    • Give rapid fat loss
    • Give laser like mental focus
    • Increase energy levels without the jitters
    • Help you dominate your workouts
    • Help maintain lean muscle
    • ShredaBull is basically the ultimate all in one fat incinerating supplement that not only covers every aspect of fat burning but also performance too.

    Why you should use ShredaBull –

    The multiple pathways in ShredaBull will attack fat from many different angles whilst delivering increases in performance.

    Each matrix has its own individual way of delivering its effects but when blended work together to give the POWER PUNCH to ultimate fat reduction.

    Incinerate: Thermogenic Matrix – Is a mix of fat burning ingredients that help promote the important process of Thermogenesis. It delivers a blend of proven compounds to increase the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) causing a higher rate of calorific expenditure even at rest and in turn torch the fast stores faster.

    ThyroCharge: Thyroid Enhancement Matrix – This mainly focuses upon the increasing the body’s efficiency of nutrient usage along with increasing the Thyroid hormone release and so increasing the body’s metabolism too. The mix of Gugglesterones, Coleus Forskolii and  Olive leaf extract are an exclusive blend to ShredaBull. It delivers a boost to the metabolism, increasing the rate at which nutrients are turned over and so in turn allows the body the shed the unwanted fat quicker.

    Secretrophin: Growth Hormone Secretion Matrix: This blendincreases the secretion of Human Growth Hormone by using two key ingredients of Alpha GPC and Mucuna Pruriens (l-dopa) known for their ability to do so. HGH tells your body to use stored fats along with dietary fats as its main source of energy and so aids in reducing bodyfat and giving a leaner body composition.

    LipoCarbolate: Fat and Carbohydrate Regulation: This matrix has a combination of Chitosan and White kidney bean extract which together will help reduce the amount of fat stored in the body. The chitosan binds to fat enzymes and prevents it being stored in the body. The white kidney bean reduces the rate at which starches are converted into sugars and so suppresses food cravings along with maintaining steady blood sugar levels.

    Cortikill: Cortisol Reduction and Muscle Preservation Matrix: Cortisol as we know has a very catabolic effect on the body and promotes fat storage and so hinders fat reduction. Also catabolism means that lean muscle tissue used when the body is in need of an energy source. The Cortikill matrix within ShredaBull helps suppress the release of this catabolic hormone by working together to help reduce stress levels within the body.

    Neuro Zone: Mental Focus Matrix: When you reduce calories to reduce bodyweight and fat it has an adverse effect on mental agility, alertness and focus. To help keep a good level of mental focus to perform daily tasks and keep intensity in the gym the Neuro Zone Matrix contains ingredients that have been shown to keep a good level of mental stimulus throughout the period of reducing calorie intake.

    Who can use ShredaBull?

    ShredaBull is designed for athletes of all levels of fitness to give them the edge when it comes to reducing body fat levels and keeping hard earned lean muscle. It will also allow athletes to stay focused throughout demanding workouts whilst running a calorie deficit.

    Anabolic Designs Transform Stack:

    ShredaBull can be used alongside our Natural Augmentation System – TauroTest for the Ultimate lean body overhaul and give greater reductions in body fat levels whilst gaining quality lean muscle.

    Anabolic Designs Shredabull Nutritional Information

    Typical ValuesPer 3 caps Serving
    Calcium (mg)100.0
    Chromium (ug)200.0
    Folic Acid (ug)400.0
    Niacin (mg)20.0
    Vitamin B6 (mg)10.0
    Vitamin B12 (ug)1,000.0


    Gelatin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate

    Specific References