1UP Red Jug - 2.5L 1UP Nutrition
    • 1UP Red Jug - 2.5L 1UP Nutrition

    1UP Nutrition, 1UP Red Jug - 2.5L

    VAT included

    Having trouble getting your water and aminos in during your training? No worries, just grab a 1UP Nutrition Mammoth Red 2.5 litre Jug and stay hydrated throughout the day! 

    Holding a massive 2.5 litres you can forget about going to the water fountain, just stick this in your gym bag or leave on your desk :D 

    Please note...the bottle is very sturdy and every single one is checked by our team for manufacturing defects before it leaves us but, if dropped at force when full, the plastic might split. Likewise, the water-tight seal in the lid is reliable but please make sure it doesn't fall out during washing/cleaning.

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